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In the Nick of Time: a Risky Lottery Winner

5 September 2019, 10:49
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A lucky lottery player decided to take home his huge money prize just a couple of hours before the deadline.

In the Nick of Time: a Risky Lottery Winner

This March the Briton acquired a lottery ticket, which turned out to be a lucky one, in Yorkshire. It took him half a year to come forward to claim his one million pounds.

In case he had waited a bit longer all the money would have gone to charity organizations since the deadline was last Monday.

This is not the first case. According to Camelot, a lot of lottery winners were left without their deserved prizes simply because they failed to meet the deadline which is approximately half a year.

Last year in Great Britain alone over 125 million pounds of lottery wins didn’t manage to find their owners.

One more recent example when National Lottery refused to pay out a huge jackpot (4 million pounds) is the case with Watson and Goodram. Camelot had doubts whether the bank card, with which the lucky ticket had been purchased, was not stolen. Both of them had already had problems with the law including bankcard fraud. However, they are going to sue the lottery company.

As mentioned earlier, a Canadian resident managed to hit the 60 million Canadian dollars jackpot after over thirty years of practicing.

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