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Illegal Gambling in Iran May Be Severely Punished

28 December 2020, 16:45
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As it has been informed by reliable sources, Iran is going to horrify its citizens who play at online casinos with gambling news related to the law.

Illegal Gambling in Iran May Be Severely Punished

The country’s elected officials have proposed to tighten gambling regulations in order to eliminate illegal online gambling.

Illegitimate gambling will be criminalized

According to the proposed law, non-regulated Internet gambling will be criminalized, which means that its participants will be subject to punishment. The Islamic Republic has always had a severe legal framework for the majority of verticals, and gambling isn’t an exception. Now, it is going to implement even stricter regulations for gambling.

Deputies have the intention to update current law and punish both players and operators for non-regulated gambling. The crime will be categorized as those subject to such a legal penalty as death punishment. In such a way, Iran is going to sweep away the presence of unregulated casinos. Besides, not so long ago, it was announced that ten individuals had been arrested for the promotion of online gambling services.

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