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iGaming Germany (iGG) and All-In Gaming Ukraine Summit

11 October 2019, 14:12
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Eventus International announces its new events for 2020, including the iGaming Germany (iGG) and All-In Gaming Ukraine Summit.     

iGaming Germany (iGG) and All-In Gaming Ukraine Summit

The gaming industry has experienced steady growth during recent years and is expected to expand further year on year. With constant changes and development in the gaming landscape, Eventus International continually pioneers into new territory, hosting industry-leading events to C-suite executives and gaming audiences. Two of the most recent events include iGaming Germany (iGG) which will be held 14 to 15 May 2020 in Berlin, Germany and All-In Gaming Ukraine Summit scheduled to take place from 11 to 12 June 2020 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

iGaming Germany (iGG)

iGG will provide an excellent bird’s-eye view of what can in fact be expected in the future of the German gaming market. Learn about new regulations set to come into effect and how these will impact on the growing online casino industry in Germany.

iGG presents the perfect opportunity to position oneself in the German gaming market by getting up to speed with the current state of the industry and exploring future opportunities.

All-In Gaming Ukraine Summit

Plans have been announced to legalise gambling in Ukraine, especially to allow casinos at five-star hotels with a view to promoting the development of the region’s tourism near the Black Sea. Ukrainian operators have not been able to offer any gambling or betting services since prohibitions were introduced in 2009, but the country is believed to be nurturing a thriving black market.

Eventus International will gather the most prominent experts as speakers, giving attendees the insight required to evaluate investment opportunities while meeting valued business partners.  Discover what changes can be expected and how these will influence the Ukrainian market.

​Held in Kyiv, this summit is ideally timed to equip you with a thorough understanding of potential investment opportunities and to network with industry peers in Ukraine as well as the surrounding regions.

As mentioned earlier, a few days ago the capital of Ukraine hosted the event dedicated to traffic – Kyiv Affiliate Conference.

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