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IBIA Welcomes MGA’s Initiative to Create the Sports Integrity Unit

23 July 2020, 13:53
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The discussions of cases connected with fraudulent betting activity frequently appear in the world’s betting news. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that related associations don’t take steps to prevent such situations.

IBIA Welcomes MGA’s Initiative to Create the Sports Integrity Unit

For example, recently, the MGA (Malta Gaming Authority) has launched an initiative that will help to strengthen sports integrity. It has proposed to create the Sports Integrity Unit and make several changes, which will ensure more control over the betting industry.

IBIA has provided a positive response to changes

The IBIA (International Betting Integrity Association) is ready to support the MGA in its goal to give a boost to sports integrity and decrease the amount of suspicious betting. The association also endorses the initiative to reactivate the section 43 of the MGA decree, which states that betting companies are obliged to inform the organization about all suspicious betting operations.

As current developments in regulations may cause a lot of disputes, the Malta Gaming Authority is going to adopt the IBIA’s new procedure developed especially for resolutions of such conflicts. The integrity organization has an effective in-house solution – an alert platform that helps to stop fraudulent betting across the globe. It emphasizes that collaboration among market experts and operators is the best way to support sports integrity and promote it. 

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