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Huge Fine for Italian News Outlet Breaking Gambling Ads Rule

18 March 2021, 13:26
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The Italian Authority for Communications Guarantees (AGCOM) applied a huge fine to a small Tuscan news outlet as the latter violated the national Dignity Decree. As the punishment amounts to half of the annual revenue of the online publisher, it can disappear. Login Casino follows the latest news in gambling legislation, presenting the case from Italy.

Huge Fine for Italian News Outlet Breaking Gambling Ads Rule

The Italian media watchdog, AGCOM, faced wide criticism towards their latest action. The authority has fined a small Tuscan news outlet €50 000 for breaking gambling ads law, which is regulated by the Dignity Decree.

While the Italian legislation forbids any kind of advertising of gambling venues except for their official information, the message in "il Giunco" – fined digital source – contained the phrase "best games and slots".

Why did this case attract mass attention?

The primary controversy lies in the plane of fine scales. Thus, the small local news outlet has about €100 000 of annual revenue and now has to give away half of this sum. The representatives of "il Giunco" explained the situation as simple misconduct and dishonesty of the affiliate marketer who published the message.

While inattentiveness can hardly be the reason not to punish, other news outlets have paid attention to the fine scales. They reminded that Google Ireland was fined "only" by €100 000 by AGCOM for multiple violations of the same advertising law in Italy.

On the other hand, AGCOM is sure they did everything possible and applied the smallest-possible fine to the Tuscan news website. At the same time, the authority promised to be more attentive to law violations, especially in the gambling sphere.

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