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How to Optimize a Gambling Website like a Pro? Tips from SEO Gurus to Know in 2020

16 July 2020, 14:00
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The information about online casino promotion frequently appears in gambling news. However, what about website optimization for search engines? The iGB Live! online event has gathered together leading SEO experts who have revealed the secrets about how to make an online gambling platform rank higher.

How to Optimize a Gambling Website like a Pro? Tips from SEO Gurus to Know in 2020

The online conference is marked by the presence of an SEO influencer who is a real digital genius – Neil Patel. He has provided the list of valuable hacks that can help any website to win in Google wars, rank high, and remain in this position.

Here is the list of tips from Neil:

  1. Translate your content into several languages. Localization will increase your competition because websites usually have the English version only, and rarely – other languages. For more regions you translate, the more traffic you can obtain.
  2. Page speed is super important for ranking. The majority of people visit websites from their mobile phones, and pages should load fast on any device.
  3. Not create but update content. Neil has unveiled a secret that he writes 1 post per week for his website but updates 1 post every day. 10-year-old articles won’t bring any profit.
  4. YouTube can help to rank higher. Promote your videos, show them up on social media, and you will get results. Videos that are popular right after publication more often reach top positions in Google search results.
  5. Implement gamification on your website.
  6. Build free tools that are useful for customers because they help to engage them. For example, sportsbooks can provide free sports betting calculators to users.

The importance of link audits and Google Search Console as a tool for website improvement

Other experts who have also talked about SEO for gambling websites, Izzi Smith (Technical SEO Analyst at Ryte) and Julia Logan (SEO Consultant), have shared valuable information about technical aspects of optimization.

How to Optimize a Gambling Website like a Pro? Tips from SEO Gurus to Know in 2020

Izzi Smith has told the online event attendees about the importance of such a tool as Google Search Console (GSC). The expert has noticed that GSC remains to be the most reliable source of information for analyzing the onsite performance. She says that it is important to be always aware of content and domain, use intelligent filters to identify poor performing keywords, and strive for long clicks.

Julia Logan, in her turn, has been speaking about lost links and how to recover them. The main recommendation from her is to audit links constantly. If you change a link structure, use redirects, or ask website owners to change links. In the case of domain expiration, restore it, and it will reactivate lost links. The expert also shared the news that Google had recently introduced two new algorithm attributes – rel=“sponsored” (for paid or sponsored links) and rel= “UGC” (for user-generated content).

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