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Has Lifting Restrictions on Gambling Venues in UK Finally Come?

7 July 2021, 16:07
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According to the latest news about the casino vertical, the UK gambling industry is now on the way to relaxed COVID-19 restrictions. What’s the reaction of the authorities and companies, and how will casinos go out of the regime?

Has Lifting Restrictions on Gambling Venues in UK Finally Come?

England is open to start a new post-COVID era in the gambling industry. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said he’s sure that the UK people are ready to move forward to the final step of the lockdown. So the first day of removing rules is planned for July 19.

For the land-based casinos and betting shops in England, it’s an opportunity to start working without a need for social distancing and compulsory wearing facemasks.

BGC also supports this step. Michael Dugher, a chief executive, has said that it’s particularly good news for casinos and their staff. Before the COVID-19 situation, there were 11 600 workers, they brought £500m a year as a tax. However, Michael Dugher asked the government also to ease restrictions toward tourism. It will help to restart the travel industry again.

A new breath of air for betting shops

According to the opinion of the BGC chief executive, it’s also great news for betting operators in England. The UK betting shops paid almost £1bn in tax to the state treasury in 2020. There’re also 46 000 jobs in this gambling department.

It’s a fact that these steps will restart the whole industry and return the UK economy to the level that has been before the pandemic.

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