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Guardiola: Fans Enjoy More the Premier League than the Champions League

1 October 2019, 15:07
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Manchester City's manager Guardiola says that their fans would prefer to triumph in the Premier League than to win the Champions League.

Guardiola: Fans Enjoy More the Premier League than the Champions League

The team will soon play against Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League match. According to Guardiola, this competition is quite interesting but the Premier League is much more exciting. City’s fans also agree with him. According to the polls, they would enjoy more winning the Premier League rather than the Champions League.

There are a few reasons that can explain such a situation. Firstly, negative supporters’ reaction to a number of previous disciplinary problems, which, in fans’ opinion, were skewed against City. Secondly, not entirely successful team’s performances in this competition as a counterbalance to amazing results in the English Premier League. During Guardiola's coaching, Manchester City reached quarter-finals twice and lost to other teams from the Premier League. The club’s best result is still the semi-final under Pellegrini in 2016.

However, Man City’s owner expects his team to score a success in the Champions League, as it will confirm the club's high status. Guardiola, in his turn, feels they are more likely to show better results but he will not be very upset if it does not happen. The manager takes up the position that good results of long continuance are much better that one victory.

As mentioned earlier, Lionel Messi won The Best FIFA Men's Player of the Year 2019 award. Klopp was selected as the best coach.

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