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Greece Gambling Conference: Event on Greek Gambling Market and Its Development Prospects

5 March 2020, 13:18
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On April 29, Athens will host the first Greece Gambling Conference dedicated to the specific nature of the Greek gambling market, gaming regulations and industry development. The event is organized by Smile-Expo.

Greece Gambling Conference: Event on Greek Gambling Market and Its Development Prospects

The conference will be useful for representatives of online and land-based casinos, betting providers, gambling platform founders, gaming software developers, SEO specialists and everyone engaged in gambling.

Relevancy of Greece Gambling Conference

Greece is a promising country for gambling business growth. The industry has been extensively transforming for the past 20 years. A package of reforms “Investments in Greece” became effective in autumn 2019. Therefore, the authorities have reviewed the existing rules of gambling business operations in order to combat market monopolization.   

The new rules affect the cost of online licensing, maximum bets on the Web, one-time winning limits and online gambling resource advertising.  

Within active reforms, Greece Gambling Conference will allow to publicly discuss all the challenges and prospects of the industry’s further development.  

Conference program

The event will involve Greek and foreign gambling experts. Specialists will talk about local legislative aspects, share customer acquisition and venue profitability techniques, as well as will analyze foreign gambling regulation experience. 

Key points of presentations:

  • peculiarities of the gambling market regulation in Greece;
  • gambling licensing rules;
  • advertising regulation and consumer rights protection;
  • special aspects of establishing land-based gambling venues;
  • attracting the millennials to offline and online casinos;
  • SEO: methods for keeping gambling websites in the top rank.

The event will also feature a panel discussion aimed at such areas as online poker, betting, esports, and games of chance. Find some valuable gambling news here to know about the latest events in the industry.

The first speakers:

  • Christina Thakor-Rankin, an expert in the whole cycle of gaming and gambling sectors with 25 years of experience; Gaming Consultant at 1710 Gaming Ltd.
  • Nikola Minkov, Founder & CEO at Serpact; a specialist with the global best practice, focusing on search optimization since 2012.   
  • Levon Nikoghosyan (conference moderator), CEO at PartnerMatrix; an expert in affiliate programs and agent systems.

An exhibition area will present products and services for the gambling industry. Attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors can join companies becoming pioneers in updated Greek gambling businesses.  

Greece Gambling Conference will help to find business partners, obtain valuable information about establishing gambling facilities in Greece and gain insight into local gambling legislation. 

Event details can be found on the official website of Greece Gambling Conference.

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