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Great Britain Is Likely to Change Age Limits for Scratchcards

10 September 2019, 08:51
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The UK authorities are reviewing the possibility of changing the minimum age for those who want to try their luck with National Lottery scratchcards.

Great Britain Is Likely to Change Age Limits for Scratchcards

According to ACS (the Association of Convenience Stores), in case the UK government agreed to increase the minimum age for customers who want to buy lottery scratchcards, it will collaborate with convenience retailers to guarantee that these updates are introduced in a proper way.

The association representatives outlined that if the age limit was set to be eighteen years old, the minimum age for other products of the National Lottery should be increased as well.

James Lowman, CEO at ACS, added that local outlets demonstrated effectiveness in meeting the requirements of age restrictions; therefore, their association is eager to promote compliance in the convenience sector.

Besides, the DCMS (Committee for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport) is in the process of working on a consultation about the gambling industry as a whole.

As mentioned earlier, a Canadian resident decided to take his lottery money prize only half a year after the win had been announced.

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