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Google Search Requests in UK Reveal Spike in Online Gambling

28 December 2020, 12:37
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The latest news about the casino market is full of both positive and negative tendencies. While the land-based sector is suffering from constant shutdowns and immense losses in revenue, the online gambling vertical is booming.

Google Search Requests in UK Reveal Spike in Online Gambling

The recent study of Google search requests in Great Britain has revealed interesting facts about online casinos. Moreover, it confirmed that online gambling had entered a new popularity stage in the country during the pandemic.

Google Trends shows records in online gambling

It is worth mentioning that the growth of the online sector has started earlier before the pandemic outbreak. However, the coronavirus has only boosted this process. As the majority of events available for sports betting were canceled and brick-and-mortar casinos were closed, the online vertical used a chance to make a breakthrough to the full extent. Google Trends confirmed the fact that Britons began to search for online casinos more, which led to record high results in January.

At the same time, the UK Gambling Commission provided information, according to which the overall situation didn’t influence the number of gambling addicts in the country. However, the recent figures and studies prove that players have become more interested in online gaming products and have been gambling more during the lockdown. Moreover, reports show that many gamblers who prefer either sports betting or brick-and-mortar casinos have switched to online gambling. This also touched upon problem gamblers and vulnerable social groups.

The main reason for the threat is, of course, the lockdown, which has made people worldwide, not only in Great Britain, spend more time on the web. The UK government and regulatory bodies faced much criticism for providing not enough protection for vulnerable people.

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