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Google Relents on Gambling Advertising Policy

17 October 2019, 12:08
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Google has updated its gambling advertising policies in order to allow gambling promos in some US states and a few international markets.

Google Relents on Gambling Advertising Policy

On Tuesday, the company updated its policy to permit sports betting advertisements in five US states: Iowa, Indiana, Montana, Rhode Island and Pennsylvania. According to the new policy, operators in the above-mentioned states are allowed to take part in promotional activity through YouTube, Google Ads, AdMob and Google Display Network. However, it is not permitted to engage in such activity via Google Ad Manager. Potential advertisers must not forget they are not allowed to promote other products, for example, Internet casino games and target minor bettors.

The company also introduced changes regarding markets in Nigeria, Colombia and Kenya. Operators who have licenses issued by these countries’ gambling regulators can also run online gambling advertisements.

The updated policy is a new step towards Google’s relenting on its former anti-gambling policy. It began a few years ago when the company allowed real-money gambling applications to appear on the Google Play marketplace in several countries.

As mentioned earlier, the Norwegian gambling regulatory body Lottstift started the campaign against gambling advertisements on TV. The country’s broadcasters risk losing a considerable part of their revenue.

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