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GLMS Overviews Sports Competitions Alerts in 2020

26 January 2021, 15:33
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The lottery sector integrity body – the Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) – has provided an interesting report on the betting vertical.

GLMS Overviews Sports Competitions Alerts in 2020

The report shows how many alerts have been issued to various associations and sports segments in 2020. The organization generated an alert whenever a suspicious action was detected.

GLMS provided complete information on alerts

The integrity body has classified and categorized the data received through 2020 and provided the report, which reflects the number of alerts and reasons for them. According to this year’s betting news, the organization, together with its members, continues to ensure the quality of sports events.

However, the report revealed that GLMS had sent 162 alerts to 126 partners’ matches during the previous year. Among the organizations that have received them are UEFA, FIFA, and others. With a total of 1113 alerts, 936 have been issued before the event start. Twenty-seven alerts were generated for changes in live odds, and 150 cases were detected after a competition.

The majority of alerts came from Europe (727) and were connected with football matches (559). The next country on this list is Asia with 191 alerts, and the third – North America (64). As for sports, which have had suspicious cases, are basketball, tennis, esports, and volleyball, in addition to football. It is worth mentioning that all alerts are divided into three types – green, yellow, and red. The main reasons for triggering them are suspicious changes in odds, wrong opening price, match fixing, dangerous fixtures, etc.

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