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GLMS: Europe Had Most of Betting Alerts in 2021’s Q1

26 April 2021, 12:33
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Global Lottery Monitoring System (GLMS) has published a report covering the first quarter of this year. According to it, the European betting news isn’t so good as this region has the biggest number of alerts.

GLMS: Europe Had Most of Betting Alerts in 2021’s Q1

The data from the report show that cases of suspicious wagering prevail in Europe. This tendency encompasses several sports sectors.

Europe got 100 + alerts

GLMS provided the information that there were 160 cases of distrustful sports bets in European countries. Football leads the list with 94 cases. Basketball and ice hockey hold the second and third positions with thirty and fifteen cases respectively. Such situations were also detected in esports, tennis, volleyball, and handball. Asia is the next region with the biggest number of suspicious stakes – it has 66 alerts. South America occupies third place with 58 incidents. 

Global Lottery Monitoring System reported that a total of 323 warnings had been sent to members. As for the major reasons, among them are significant changes in odds, adjustments of odds that should be investigated, rumors about teams, inappropriate opening cost, etc. It is worth mentioning that the integrity body has divided the warnings into three types: red, yellow, and green. The first category includes the most proved cases, for example, news about competition manipulation from reliable sources, while the green section consists of less serious reasons.

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