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GGPoker Offers Guaranteed $6M Weekly during MILLION$ Events

24 September 2020, 15:09
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Although the WSOP 2020 online was the primary source for the latest poker news during the last months, other digital platforms also suggest attractive prices to win. GGPoker continues its series of tournaments called MILLION$, now offering to participants more than six millions of dollars weekly prizes. A passed GGSOP (Good Game Series Of Poker) procedure allowed to double the winning pool for one of the events without increasing buy-ins.

GGPoker Offers Guaranteed $6M Weekly during MILLION$ Events

GGPoker continues its series of events called MILLION$, where more than $6M obligatory prize-pool is divided among winners. Participation in Zodiac MILLION$ requires about $75 buy-in and gives the ability to take the lion's share of the $150 000 weekly rewards. The other three tournaments present much bigger cash pools to fight for.

Three GG Poker MILLION$ events with $1M+ cash pool

Global MILLION$ suggested the participants fight for a $1M weekly prize pool, paying only a hundred bucks while entering the event. The adoption of GGSOP allowed this poker provider to double the final amount of money that will be divided among the finalists.

High Roller MILLION$ seems to be attractive for the 450 top partakers, who can more than double their $500 buy-in entrance. Those who survive and take part in the final nine-member table receive from $15 thousand and up to a few hundred thousand dollars. A guaranteed two-million dollars overall reward pool is up to participants.

The last and most attractive in terms of winning money is the Super MILLION$ event. A $10 000 buy-in can lead the contender to the winning of more than a million-dollar prize, while a few hundred bucks are guaranteed even for the final table's partakers. That is one of the most attractive weekly tournaments, even for the world-class poker players and bracelet-owners.

In General, GGPoker shows that the online poker sector is developing, and even a WSOP 2020 Online tournament cannot satisfy all the demand for the famous card game. Opening the online markets all over the world gives possibilities to the investors to take advantage of this natural business process.

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