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GGPoker Applied New Approach to RTA-Cheating Cases

1 October 2020, 17:00
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Being at the forefront of world poker events, GGPoker now started the battle against RTA-using players. The digital platform warned 40 players about their suspicious behavior, while another 27 accounts were banned. However, the most astonishing latest poker news information is a ban of 13 accounts with the confiscation of almost $1.2 million. Login Casino gives an insight into the situation and how GGPoker is going to resolve the issue of Real-Time Assistance (RTA) usage.

GGPoker Applied New Approach to RTA-Cheating Cases

The global digital platform GGPoker, which was holding an online WSOP tournament this year, announced the first results of its anti-RTA campaign. As it was mentioned above, 80 accounts suffered various punishments, and the most breaking one is the confiscation of $1.175M from 13 players' wallets.

The worldwide digital poker provider informed the community that it had developed a unique system to define if any rules violation activity was suspected on the account. In recent times, the two most widely used cheating methods are applying the Real-Time Assistance and cooperation of two or more players to increase winning chances on the desk. When authorities are talking about RTA, they usually mean using game theory optimal (GTO), which helps to analyze the whole situation on the table and give precise mathematical predictions to increase the winning rate.

How does GGPoker define true RTA cases?

That is undoubtedly a secret, but the GGPoker has presented the tip of the iceberg to the public. According to the representatives, the platform relies on its Security Team that provides a thorough analysis of the suspicious cases. GGPoker also has developed a report button for online poker games, which helps to detect perfect decisions or suspicious cooperation by players themselves and send a report. It allows putting such cases for further analysis faster.

However, it is still hard to identify authentic RTA as many top poker players can apply GTO without any devices. To avoid unfair bans, GGPoker uses the analysis of decisions' history, which helps to identify the strategy that is often present at the top-level competition. Nevertheless, it seems that digital poker platforms are far from the full resolving of the RTA problem, as borders between cheating and professional playing are too blurred.

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