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GG Poker WSOP Online Establishes Record Once Again

11 September 2020, 13:50
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This year’s WSOP event differs from previous tournaments considerably: it has changed its format to online because of the coronavirus pandemic and set several records. The latest record established during the tournament is much discussed in all poker news.

GG Poker WSOP Online Establishes Record Once Again

The end of the WSOP on GGPoker became memorable as it generated almost 150 million dollars! If to be specific, $147 787 511 made the prize pool of the event after 239 754 players applied for the participation. It is the biggest ever sum gathered in online tournaments.

2020 WSOP Online had several records

Although the pandemic has changed everything significantly, the interest in this game of professional and recreational poker players doesn’t disappear, vice versa – it is sparked more than ever. That is why this year’s tournaments have attracted so many participants who are ready to become a part of it. An impressive prize pool of more than twenty-seven million dollars guaranteed in the $5 000 buy-in main event became a surprise for players. In addition to this, the 2020 WSOP was also marked by the achievements in its other key matches, for example, in the #50 event.

The tournament has rewarded fifty-four professional poker players with the legendary gold bracelets. Moreover, eleven participants became millionaires! Forced changes in the 2020 WSOP Online Series didn’t spoil the event and even brought more success to it.

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