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Germany’s Transitional Regime for Operators: Apply or Die

10 September 2020, 17:05
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The SBC Summit Barcelona – Digital has touched upon the topic, much discussed in recent gambling news – the proposed transitional regime for gambling operators in Germany.

Germany’s Transitional Regime for Operators: Apply or Die

Many experts consider the regime to be a good idea as operators will get an opportunity to leave the black market and enter the regulated iGaming space. However, it doesn’t mean the legalization of current unlicensed operators’ services, as the regime isn’t an act of law. It is just a guideline for the German regulator on how to enforce gambling companies.

Regime and new treaty: what operators should expect

According to speakers, the transitional period will determine who will continue operating in the legalized market, and what operators will disappear from it after law enforcement. Those companies that won’t be able to comply will lose.

If everything is quite clear with the transitional regime, experts still have mixed feelings about the upcoming treaty. Some of them think that new regulations aren’t intended to help the iGaming market to survive. Criticism is mostly connected with numerous restrictions for online gambling offers. Moreover, Germany’s several federal states initiated briefings and showed resistance to the treaty.

The conference experts have been speaking much about deposit limits that will be set within the new gambling law. Dr. Bastian Scholz, a Senior Policy Adviser at the Deutscher Sportwettenverband, is sure that this limit restricts, first of all, the betting market completely. He has also added that improvements will be unavoidable in the future. At the same time, he welcomes the abandonment of the ineffective policy and considers the new law as a step towards the compliant betting market.

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