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Germany will Launch Gambling Awareness Day

25 September 2019, 14:29
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A day devoted to gambling awareness will be held by the German Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA). Its aim is to keep people in the country well informed in the matter of dangers regarding gambling.

Germany will Launch Gambling Awareness Day

This day, citizens will get additional information about the types of gambling that are spread in the state. It will be possible to be tested for gambling addiction. Those who were found to be addicted to gambling will get recommendations on how to change such behavior.

According to BZgA chief Dr. Heidrun Thaiss, it is vital to educate people regarding gambling and give them information on dangers of developing addiction before they get into serious troubles. He adds the center will provide information in a few languages for those who gamble. The BZgA will also launch a new web portal and promote the slogan “Don’t play until you’re addicted.”

Besides, this day, the public will also receive leaflets with all the details concerning this campaign. Thaiss claims people will be able to know typical signs of gambling addiction since not everyone knows all the risks associated with each form of gambling.

As mention earlier, the European Commission has criticized the third amended State Treaty on Gambling. The representatives of the EC doubt it will help to protect players and get rid of unlicensed operators in the country.  

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