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Germany Lotto Changes Its 6aus49 Product to Increase Revenue

22 August 2020, 10:26
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As reported by the news about the lottery sector in Germany, the country’s national lottery has changed rules for one of its products to increase profit.

Germany Lotto Changes Its 6aus49 Product to Increase Revenue

This refers to Germany Lotto’s 6aus49 game. The operator is sure that these changes will help both the company and players to benefit more. New features are mostly connected with pricing and jackpot distribution.

The lottery aims to boost revenue from 6aus49

The first thing the operator is going to implement is a higher price. Starting on September 23, the cost of participation in the lottery will be increased to €1.20. It is worth mentioning that, at the current time, the price is €1. The last price rise took place in 2013 when the cost increased from 75 cents to 1 euro. According to the operator, the 20% increase will bring millions of euros to the revenue.

Another change touches upon the lottery’s jackpot. The company has set the maximum obligatory sum. Now, only the jackpot amount of €45 million will cause guaranteed distribution. This rule will also come into force in September.

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