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German Treaty on Gambling Goes into Effect Today

1 July 2021, 11:52
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One of the most much-discussed news about changes in the law is the enforcement of the German State Treaty on Gambling – the GlüStV.

German Treaty on Gambling Goes into Effect Today

It means many opportunities for licensed companies, unlicensed services providers, vice versa, will be forced to leave the market. What expects the German gambling industry, and what pros and cons does the new law have? Read this news article to find out more about the topic.

Ops got the safe legal framework with some problems remaining

Before the introduction of a new law, online gambling in Germany was mostly illegal. From today, the country’s iGaming market gets a chance for a change – operators can acquire a license and provide their services legally.

The treaty, however, has caused many concerns as the opening of the online market can increase the level of gambling addiction in the country. That is why some types of gambling entertainment remain illegal. Players can’t gamble at several online casinos as well. In addition to this, they won’t be allowed to play anonymously and spend more than one thousand euros per month.

The bookmaking vertical has been influenced by the new bill as well. Betting companies also have to obtain a gaming license if they want to continue the operation in the market. The lottery sector won’t have any significant changes because providers have already got the necessary licenses.

Now it seems that Germany has done everything possible to ensure a well-regulated gambling market on its territory. However, many questions remain open. The industry experts say that the newly launched legal framework isn’t favorable for licensed services providers and their customers, which can stimulate the growth of the black market. It is a task for the German government to attract gambling companies to the regulated environment and put an end to unlicensed operators.

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