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German Gambling Market: Updates from Experts

4 May 2021, 10:41
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The German gaming market is passing through a very important period now: the country is getting ready for new regulations that will come into force this summer. During the webinar “Gaming in Germany: Regulatory update & policy principles” experts have discussed the upcoming law, current transitional period, and the future of the market.

German Gambling Market: Updates from Experts

The treaty is in the process of ratifying by federal states with the focus on Saxony-Anhalt, without ratification of which everything can collapse as it will be responsible for appointing a regulatory body. However, the state passed the bill despite all political issues.

GlüStV – current situation and future outlook

The State Treaty on Gambling will be adopted nation-wide on July 1, 2021. Now the gambling market is under the transition period with the first betting licenses already granted to operators. Dr. Joerg Hofmann has said that the licensees will face some additional requirements in the future. For example, those related to deposit limits of one thousand euros. However, the expert is sure that they will be implemented step by step.

The next and not less important question is the establishment of the regulator. It will be based in Saxony-Anhalt, while the licensing process will continue in Darmstadt until 2022. Dr. Joerg Hofmann has emphasized that the creation of the gambling authority is of high importance as a basis for the new law and should be done within three months.

Prof. Tilman Becker told the webinar participants about the strengths and weaknesses of the new gambling law. He has said that it is a big step forward for the German gambling industry and a compromise between the Social Democratic Party of Germany and the Christian Democratic Union. However, the main shortcomings are connected with technical requirements, which the authority should draft. Operators will need to take measures to support responsible gambling, including a self-exclusion system, which is the regulations’ advantage. At the same time, the technical implementation of this idea is difficult as its real-time databases should be created till the end of 2022. In the expert’s opinion, the databases will come into force only within 3-5 years because it is not an easy challenge.

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