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GBE 2019: Post-show Report

22 August 2019, 12:59
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Guangzhou International Billiards Exhibition, which was held in China Import & Export Fair Complex on May 9-11, 2019, has once again managed to break its own records.

GBE 2019: Post-show Report

According to the event organizer press service, over 85% of the exhibitors revealed their intentions to return in the next edition, including CPBA, Ball Tech Korea, Strachan 6811, Aramith, Simonis, CYCLOP POOL BALL, KF Cues, Taom Tips, Yashi, Longasy Tips, etc.

Exhibitors Breakdown by Sector:

24% – Billiards Table;

21% – Billiards Accessories;

18% – Billiards Cues;

15% – Billiard Balls;

12% – Cues Tips;

17% – Others.

The rich variety of products and the guaranteed quality of exhibitors have deeply impressed every visitor, buyer, and billiards lover coming to GBE 2019.

GBE is dedicated to bringing new blood to the industry. This year, around 1/4 of the total exhibitors had successfully made their debut on GBE, providing new ideas for the industry and new choices for all the buyers.

Partial New Exhibitors:

Xiamen Jingling Stationery & Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Fusheng Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Xingwei Billiards Co., Ltd.

Beijing Chuanli Times Sports & Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Tengbo Sporting Goods Co., Ltd.

Liaoning ZEAL-ZENITH Sports & Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

and many others.

These are the global leading cue making masters presented at GBE 2019:

  •  Will Hunt, the master-level manufacturer of British-style Snooker cues with 30 years’ manufacturing experience.
  • Mr. Moori, the top tip maker in Japan and the inventor of the multi-layer tip, the current most advanced cue tip in the industry.
  • John Parris, the founder and the core leader of the most legendary Britain cue brand “JOHN PARRIS”.
  • Paul Roberts, the founder of “STAMFORD”, a high-end handcraft Snook cue manufacture company from the United Kingdom.
  • Gareth David Potts, the first billiards player who made cues specifically for Chinese billiards.

The following top billiards players have presented fascinating game shows at the exhibition:

  • “Magician” Efren Reyes;
  • “Champion Harvester” Jason Shaw;
  • “King of Eight Champions” Chu Bingjie;
  • “King of Chinese Billiards” Dai Yong;
  • Yu Haitao, Winner of Chinese Championship;
  • Dang Jinhu, Captain of the Chinese nine-ball billiards team.

The percentage of buyers, who were present at the event, can be divided into two categories: Global and Domestic.

Global Buyers:

Domestic Buyers:

46% – Asia

32% – South China

22% – North America

20% – East China

11% – Europe

14% – Southeast China

11% – Oceania

12% – North China

6% – South America

11% – Northeast China

3% – Africa

7% – Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau


4% – Northwest China

“The GBE 2019 is, without doubt, the biggest Billiard Sports Fair in the world that gathers many world-leading billiard sports brands and products which generates global awareness and development of the Billiards industry on the yearly basis. As our first visit to the fair, we were very impressed and would recommend cue makers as well as snooker fans in Thailand to participate and visit next year at GBE 2020”, said representatives of Billiard Sports Association of Thailand.

Business activities of the GBE 2019 participants were related to the following spheres:

39% – Clubs, Hotels, Sports Centres and Other Public Amenities;

35% – Traders, Re-sellers, Exporters, Importers, Investors;

15% – Sports Fans, Personal Collectors and Buyers;

11% – Government Agents, Media, Others.

As the spotlight of GBE’s concurrent event, this year, China Billiards Industry Development Forum is keeping up with the era of rapid development and looking at the future of the entire industry under the innovation of electrommunication technology (like 5G network) and cybereconomy, with multiple cross-industrial authoritative insiders and experts presenting their insightful ideas to over 200 participates on the scene.

The list of China Billiards Industry Development Forum speakers includes:

  • Zhang Wei, Director of College of Management and Economics, Tianjin University;
  • Zhou Wenbiao, Founder of China Ask How Marketing;
  • Hao Jing, Senior Director of Alibaba Sport and Youku Sport;
  • Qiao Bing, Founder of JOY Billiards;
  • Chen Qifu, Founder of Yebao Cue and ArchBenz Cue.

As mentioned earlier, the Chinese government supported Cambodia in its efforts to prohibit online gambling activities.

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