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Games Gathering Announces Summer Event

14 May 2021, 10:20
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Games Gathering is opening the summer season and announcing the conference, which will take place both online and live in Odessa. The event will focus on the gambling industry news and trends, which will be discussed by leading experts.

Games Gathering Announces Summer Event

What awaits you:

  • June 30-July 1 – online days on the PINE platform. Three online lecture streams, round tables, virtual booths, and online meetings with business partners.
  • July 2 – Business ticket holders and conference speakers are invited to the SEA PRE-PARTY, which will be held in the evening on the high seas.
  • July 3-July 4 – two days of the live event will be held at Gagarinn Hotel in Arcadia. The main conference party will be on July 3rd.

At the conference, you will find:

  • leading industry experts lectures;
  • indie showcase with interesting projects;
  • contests from sponsors and partners;
  • parties on the Black Sea coast;
  • free beer.

Since the safety of visitors is a priority, the GG team will maintain quarantine measures, which performed well on last year's event.

Register here –

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