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Game Awards 2020: What to Expect from Gaming World Soon?

11 December 2020, 17:23
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The iGaming market's most interesting announcements were made during the Game Awards 2020. Even though the ceremony is focused on praising the existing achievements in the sector, the attention to upcoming games is also huge. Login Casino always follows the latest esports news and presents the most interesting games coming in the future.

Game Awards 2020: What to Expect from Gaming World Soon?

The Game Awards 2020 was the seventh annual ceremony in the cybersport field. The organizers had 11 nominations across the industry to reward the nominees, and the astonishing success came to the game 'The Last of Us Part II.' Sony-developed action-adventure game took seven out of eleven nominations, approving the success of the product.

The most promising games to expect soon

However, praising Sony Entertainment's product wasn't the only event to look at. Traditionally, the organizers gather the most exciting upcoming products in the sector. Although the updates to the already popular games are also important, new products are a more interesting part. Login Casino presents the list of the most awaited gaming products, announced during the Game Awards 2020:

We Are OFK

An interesting idea of living the life of the rising music group called OFK, and all the related aspects as well.

Open Roads

That is the rebranding of the former 'Gone Home' game. The story of a mother and daughter's trip over the picturesque landscapes should be interesting for adventure supporters.


One more peaceful game coming from Sony developers. The atmospheric adventure seems to be interesting for both younger and older generations as discovering the post-apocalyptic world has many surprises.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

The issue of flying in virtual reality can also be attractive if the environment is made precisely and with lots of details. The trailer shows that graphics will be close to the real world, though the game will be available on the next-generation hardware.

Back 4 Blood

Rewinding of the zombie-themed cooperation game 'Left 4 Dead' will also see the world. The similar game plot but with better graphics and in-game mechanics can breathe a new life into the interesting shooter.

It Takes Two

Developers of a popular 'A Way Out' designed a totally new product where cooperation is the key to success. The colorful environment and mysterious obstacles facilitate the unusual game plot.

Perfect Dark

The awaited continuation of the 'Perfect Dark' series finally came with a trailer. Xbox studio was long working on the new product that should be way better than the previous parts.

Game Awards 2020

The Callisto Protocol

Another spiritual successor of the previously popular game 'Dead Space.' The scary environment for the horror-themed game now has better graphics and new options as well.

Dragon Age 4

One more continuation of the former popular game themed around the fantasy world of dragons. More characters, a better plot, and an engaging atmosphere will surely attract a lot of gamers' attention.

Ark 2

Dragons are surely the popular item for fantasy gaming, but this time they will be part of the survival game. Among the exciting innovations is Vin Diesel in the leading role, which sounds and looks quite interesting.

Mass Effect

The developers weren't rather active for a few years, while now reminded that the project is developing. The space theme is never going to be irrelevant, and new ideas and scenarios are welcomed.

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