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Gambling Venues Closing in Greece, Lithuania, and Latvia

10 November 2020, 15:27
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The other three European countries decided to return total lockdown and close mortar-and-brick casinos, betting shops, and lotteries. Lithuania, Latvia, and Greece are severely reacting to the increase in the number of infected people and restricting land-based gambling. Login Casino continues informing about the latest casino news and describes terms and conditions of the closure in the regarded countries.

Gambling Venues Closing in Greece, Lithuania, and Latvia

The total lockdown continues to be the natural reaction to the growth of the COVID-caused disease cases. As gambling is always regarded as an entertaining element for society, land-based venues are the first that will be closed in the considered obstacles. It imposes additional pressure on gambling operators' revenues, which have already suffered from the first illness' wave.

Greece goes to lockdown for three weeks

The ability to enter a casino or another kind of gaming hall is restricted for Greeks from November 7 till the end of the month. Even the online sector's growth couldn't protect from profits decrease the biggest states operator - Greek Organisation of Football Prognostics S.A. The firm reported a 35% decline in revenue during the first part of 2020, and similar numbers can be expected at the end of the year.

Lithuania follows Greece concerning terms of lockdown

New restricting methods were introduced in Lithuania on November 7, just like in Greece. However, the Baltic country decided to return to normal life one day earlier - on November 29. Traditionally, the closure of casinos, betting venues, and lottery shops goes along with the suspension of work of other entertaining structures like restaurants and cafes. The 41% drop for the mortar-and-brick gambling establishments led to only a 16% overall decline in the industry as the online sector received wider attention among Lithuanians.

Latvia imposed a four-week closing

Starting from November 9, Latvians won't be able to enter gambling establishments. This limit will last until December 6, as the government has chosen longer preventive measures. This Baltic representative also shows a moderate suffering level as the recent 33% downfall in revenues is not critical. The special attention receives the difference between the second and third quarters, as the gambling market almost quadrupled after the closing measures were eased.

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