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Gambling Trends in Spain: Lotteries, Betting, and Advertising

14 October 2020, 11:34
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In recent times, one of the hottest gambling news was the study held by the University Carlos III of Madrid that revealed that the percentage of problem gamblers in Spain is only 0.3%. To know more details about the situation from inside, Login Casino talked to Anton Bargel, a founder at Absolute Live Gaming. He shared insights on the situation with Spanish lotteries, predicted betting growth, and commented on advertising rules in the country.

Gambling Trends in Spain: Lotteries, Betting, and Advertising

The latest report of the University Carlos III of Madrid attracted enough attention to the Spanish gambling sector, as the institution claimed that the problem gambling in the country is only 0.3%. Researchers stated that about 85% of Spaniards gamble from time to time, while in 2007, 90% of the citizens confirmed their interest in gambling activity. That is one of the lowest rates of problematic gambling and the issue for reviewing by other states.

To find out more details about the situation with gambling in Spain and receive a look from inside, the Login Casino team has communicated with Anton Bargel. He is the founder of Absolute Live Gaming, which is a Spanish software development firm, focused on online game streaming, remote live dealers, and specific casino solutions.

Firstly, Anton Bargel commented on the small number of problem gamblers in the country:

"While the rate seems to be lower than in other countries (around 2% on average), it might be close to the truth. In general, Overall, I have many doubts regarding such researches’ accuracy – I believe more in the ones that are based on financial data. Nevertheless, low ludomania rates may be related to social factors that lead to people's lower involvement in problem gambling. Altogether in Spain, it is more a fun factor for the population grown on the Christmas lottery draws. "

About the popularity of Spanish lotteries

The issue of lotteries is another interesting aspect of the research by the University Carlos III of Madrid. The report states that almost 26 million people participated in the Christmas Lottery, while El Niño and the Primitiva Lotteries were chosen by about 14 million participants each, another 8.5M opted for the ONCE lottery.

"Spanish lottery is a part of the local culture and of the socialization process," started Anton Bargel. "Thus, the participation in the Christmas lottery is close to 100% of the population, or at least it seems to be such. On the other hand, regular popular lotteries like the ONCE have a high level of spread and popularity while they are set and held to support people with disabilities, which makes it another important piece of local culture. It brings a positive social factor to the discussion," claimed the founder at Absolute Live Gaming.

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On sports betting and new advertising rules

Login Casino has already informed about the lotteries' lions share in gambling advertising in Spain. The government allows lotteries' promotion while other gambling spheres suffer from regular limits and newly imposed restrictions, explaining the positive lottery numbers above to some extent. The speaker also confirmed the problems with ads.

"The new advertising regulation is bad for business in general. At the same time, I don't have enough data to measure the actual impact on users."

Anton Bargel also highlighted the gambling trends in Spain in a few words.

"Undoubtedly, sports betting popularity is growing. With more online operators coming to the market, some shifts might be expected, but it also depends on the region. Nevertheless, the lotteries' share seems to be still dominating in the gambling market."

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