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Gambling Operators in Sweden Want to Make Gambling Environment Safer

9 June 2020, 12:22
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Gambling operators of the online sector suggested alternative ways for the creation of a safer gambling environment. They came to this decision after getting familiar with the latest news about casino regulations in Sweden.

Gambling Operators in Sweden Want to Make Gambling Environment Safer

Operators are sure that the government should pay more attention to consumers’ safety. That is why Sweden’s gambling industry organization has proposed several solutions that can significantly improve the situation connected with online gambling in the country. The government’s recent intention to launch new restrictions on spendings on virtual casinos provoked this initiative.

The restrictions will have a negative influence on channeling

According to the organization and its researches, new regulations will impact the current state of the industry in the country negatively. Gamblers may forget about local licensed companies and shift their attention to providers that operate at the international level. This situation will cause a considerable decrease in the channeling rate in the online casino sector.

Virtual gambling operators have several solutions that will help regulators to control this sphere better, and, as a result, protect gamblers. They introduced several ways how to implement the plan. Its main actions include a business-oriented licensing system, additional funding for the promotion of responsible gambling, users’ data analysis, and usage of these data for risk management systems.

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