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Gambling Operators in Denmark Should Be Ready for a New System – MitID

26 June 2020, 12:24
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The latest news about the gambling industry in Denmark has informed operators and gamblers that the National Identification Scheme in the country will change in the nearest time.

Gambling Operators in Denmark Should Be Ready for a New System – MitID

The news comes mainly from the Danish regulator that calls all accredited gambling operators to pay attention to a new identification system – MitID. It will become the substitution for the previous scheme, namely NemID. The changes will come into effect in spring 2021, and gambling companies should be ready to operate based on them.

What to expect from MitID?

MitID is another solution for citizens of Denmark, allowing them to sign in to their banking accounts fast and secure. This feature is also important for the gambling industry as many players use it while spending time on virtual casinos. MitID is an updated version of the preceding system developed by both governmental and privately-owned companies.

This solution has almost the same characteristics, except for several features. For example, the main difference is that next year operators will need to cooperate with third-party companies that will provide services for users’ identities checking. The regulator is going to have a meeting with all gambling license owners to discuss and explain the new product to them.

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