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Gambling Market in Spain Grows with Poker in the First Place

20 October 2020, 13:13
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According to the latest gambling news and reports, the Spanish gambling market continues to grow and increase its revenue.

Gambling Market in Spain Grows with Poker in the First Place

Comparing the same period of 2019, online gambling in the country has grown by 17.7 percent. The second quarter of this year was successful for the market, bringing more profit to the majority of its sectors. For example, slot machines substituted sports betting as a type of online entertainment and grew by more than thirty percent in comparison to the previous year. However, another market sector showed even better results.

Online poker products are the most popular

Although the whole gambling market in Spain experiences the raise of GGR, the digital poker vertical has generated the biggest amount of revenue. The COVID-19 pandemic made players from this country stay at home and enjoy iGaming. In addition to this, many of them have switched from playing in land-based casinos to online poker rooms. It led to a burst of activity on related websites by forty-eight percent in March 2020 with the continuation of this trend during the following months. As a result, the percentage increased by 170% in April and 101% in May.

Of course, these spikes in users’ activity became the reason for more revenue generated in the online poker vertical. As the recent data show, the market income is estimated at 38.2 million euros in the second quarter, which is a 97.4-percent increase. More than twelve million euros were generated by cash games, while tournaments brought 25.6 million to the overall profit.

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