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Gambling Levy in the Netherlands Is Set to Increase

25 June 2021, 13:41
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As of October 1st, all operators of the Dutch iGaming market will face an increased gambling levy, as well as a rise in other fees. The corresponding statement from the Ministry of Justice and Security was published in the recent Dutch financial news.

Gambling Levy in the Netherlands Is Set to Increase

The authority declares that the change is necessary for funding costs of the Dutch gambling commission, the Kansspelautoriteit (KSA). KSA’s expenses have skyrocketed due to the approaching launch of the iGaming market.

The new tax regulations will stay in effect for the next 10 years.

Levy rates increase by sectors of the Gambling industry  

According to the report, issued by the Dutch authorities, the revenue-based tax for licensing will go up from 1.75% of an operator’s gross gaming revenue (GGR) to 2.9% of GGR (including the costs for the prevention of gambling addiction). This change applies to all gambling sectors in the country.

The levy for the operators, however, is going to vary per sector of the gambling industry. Thus, the taxes for the slot machine and casino sector will increase by 7.8%, while levies for iGaming operators will rise by 10.2%.

All operators are also going to face a rise in the number of other fees. Furthermore, the Dutch government introduces a series of new rates for all changes, applied to the gambling licenses.

In addition, the processing fees for casino and lottery operators were reduced from EUR48 000 to EUR28 000.

Changes in most fees will come into effect immediately. The new licensing rates for an occasional charity lottery with prize funds in a range between EUR50 000 and EUR500 000, however, will not be enforced until the 1st of September, 2021.

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