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Gambling in the UK Is to Become Safer for Customers

8 August 2019, 14:40
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License conditions and codes of practice for gambling operators are to be reviewed by the Gambling Commission in order to protect consumers from the negative consequences of gambling addiction.

Gambling in the UK Is to Become Safer for Customers

Raising standards, improving the transparency of funding, as well as strengthening requirements on identifying customers with problem behavior and interacting with them via licensees is the GB regulator’s main task. The open consultations will last until October when all changes will be reviewed and approved by the Gambling Commission.

The alternative dispute resolution providers will receive more authority and independence of gambling operators due to the fact that ADR rules will become more clear and consistent. These changes will apply to all providers after coming into force on October 31.

Customer interaction requirements are also subject to change. Operators will have to refuse those players who have an addiction and are in the Problem Gambling List – this information is available to all gambling establishments. These requirements will be implemented at the end of October as well.

The regulator encourages all gambling operators to fund anti-gambling programs in order to help this grave problem (ludomania) to be solved. Starting from January 1 of the next year, operators will be obliged to finance such programs.

According to Paul Hope, the Commission’s executive director, customer safety must be a priority for gambling companies, and these new rules have been designed for that very reason.

As mentioned earlier, the UKGC imposed a ban on gambling TV ads during daytime programs.

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