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Gambling in Figures: The UK Survey Shows Consumers’ Preferences

29 July 2020, 12:51
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The survey conducted by has shown many interesting facts about the gambling industry in the UK. Gamblers have provided their opinions about some legislative initiatives and told researchers about their activities at online casinos.

Gambling in Figures: The UK Survey Shows Consumers’ Preferences

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According to the survey, five pounds is the most popular betting sum among gamblers, and the average deposit on a gambling website per week is £441. It isn’t a secret that the majority of online casinos offer bonus packages and other free features to promote their services and acquire more customers. However, most of the gamblers see only positive aspects of these promotions and use them with pleasure.

Half of the UK gamblers support regulations and legal gambling

In general, what the survey proves is that quite a big number of people, who gamble constantly, want to do it responsibly. For example, respondents’ answers show that only twenty percent of gamblers are ready to use the services of unlicensed casinos if Great Britain applies too tough regulations to the industry. Moreover, eighty-two percent of respondents don’t know that they can play at illegal casinos easily by finding them on the first page of the Google search results. Many players also think that gambling companies have made more efforts to ensure responsible online gambling.

As for gambling initiatives proposed by lawmakers, it may seem strange but gamblers support some of them. For instance, fifty-five percent of surveyed UK citizens have admitted that they welcome the idea to ban gambling ads on footballers’ T-shirts. The same situation is with loot boxes – fifty-seven percent of players consider it a type of gambling.

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