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Gambling Executives Predict the Growth of Online Casinos

26 February 2021, 16:09
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A digital survey prepared and held by Clarion Gaming came with the results concerning the gambling industry's forecasts. 96% of participants predicted the growth of online casinos, while about half of the executives were skeptical regarding the land-based venues in 2021. The LoginCasino team continues publishing the most interesting casino news, now presenting and describing the Ampersand Gaming panel.

Gambling Executives Predict the Growth of Online Casinos

The Ampersand Gaming panel gathered 106 experts in the gambling industry, and Clarion Gaming provided a survey based on their thoughts. The questions were dedicated to the future of the gambling industry and concerns related to its development.

About 96% of the participants predicted the online casino sector's growth, with 70% assured that the niche would grow significantly. At the same time, the brick-and-mortar establishments found a quite negative prediction as 42% were sure that the drop would be huge in 2021, while another 8% gave a slight downfall.

Among the most prospective sectors were online gaming (including mobile) and esports direction, while the most promising geographical focus should be placed on Latin America, Africa, and the US.

Organizational and legislative specifics

As all the respondents are executives in the gambling sector, they have been asked about the important trends that should be followed. Thus, the majority of survey participants highlighted the regulation as a critical element that should be developing in 2021.

Interestingly, experts confirmed that governmental regulation was the element that had both positive and negative influences on the sector. Thus, the countries with well-regulated markets were beneficial for online gambling businesses, while those with developing legislation and lack of control over the illegal venue led to negative feedback.

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