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Gambling Establishments Will Disappear Soon in Bratislava

18 December 2020, 17:39
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The councilors of the Slovak capital, Bratislava, confirmed that the city would return to gambling-free practices. Even though the decision is final and confirmed, the real restriction will come only in a few years. Our online edition follows the latest casino news and explains in more detail Bratislava's gambling situation.

Gambling Establishments Will Disappear Soon in Bratislava

The roller-coaster ride with Bratislava's gambling permission continues. Local city counselors supported the initiative to ban gambling in the middle of 2017. However, the first ban lasted only a year and a half, until December 28 of 2018, until the lawyers did not find the gap in the legislation and the regional court canceled the restriction.

Yesterday, on December 17, 39 out of 40 Bratislava's councilors supported the idea of a permanent ban. Even though the restriction will come into force only from January 1 of 2021, the real changes will take place in 2023. That is the time when the recent licenses will expire, and the licensor won't be able to continue or renew them.

It will lead to closing about a hundred brick-and-mortar venues across the city. Interestingly, this also will cut the city's budget by about $3 million, which have been coming annually as taxes and fees.

What is the reaction of the business representatives?

Traditionally, there is strong opposition from the side of the casino owners. Most of them are sure that such measures will lead to the illegal gambling rise and the spreading of underground venues. Considering how often the changes happen in Bratislava's casino legislation, one can assume that the ban can be canceled in the following years.

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