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Gambling Commission Expects Malta Operators to Improve Compliance Standards

31 October 2019, 15:54
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Gambling Commission Chief Executive Officer Neil McArthur says that, at present, they are not completely satisfied with the level of compliance among UK-facing operators that are based in Malta.

Gambling Commission Expects Malta Operators to Improve Compliance Standards

According to McArthur, the Commission, having carried out a research in 2018, addressed forty-five online operators and asked them to submit a plan of action in order to raise the level of compliance.

Besides, fourteen operators were liable to further investigations, whereas seven operators were required to pay eighteen million pounds in penalty packages and five lost their operating licenses.

According to McArthur, the Gambling Commission notes the considerable progress that has been made in the last five years in the industry. However, the body is not going to remain complacent with the achievements already at hand and plans to take measures in order to raise standards.

Therefore, the Gambling Commission has addressed operators and called for making commitments to increase the level of standards and cooperate with the body to make greater progress. The Commission, in its turn, is ready to contribute to these efforts.

As mentioned earlier, gambling will become safer in the UK due to the fact the Gambling Commission will review license conditions and codes of practice for operators. 

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