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Gambling Ban Made Chinese Leave Cambodia

11 September 2019, 15:40
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Thousands of citizens of China that worked in the online gambling industry in Cambodia are leaving the kingdom as the Cambodian authorities decided to ban gambling. One of its intentions is to diminish the number of crimes foreigners commit.

Gambling Ban Made Chinese Leave Cambodia

According to the news, many Chinese employees have left a city of Cambodia Sihanoukville that is one of the casino centers in Cambodia. This is because Cambodian government has made a statement on banning all online-gambling activities in the country early next year. Most of the illegal gambling websites employ Chinese. Moreover, mainly Chinese citizens use these websites.

It is necessary to mention that gambling is not legal in China. Therefore, many Chinese residents go to neighboring states and work in the online gambling industry there.

The Chinese government stood by this decision. According to foreign ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang, it will advantage both China and Cambodia as well as help to strengthen relationships between the countries. He also added China is ready to cooperate with Cambodia on this project.

As mentioned earlier, the President of the Philippines changed his opinion about online gaming.

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