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Gambling Advertisement Blanket Ban for Spanish Operators to Be Implemented

8 August 2019, 13:19
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Spain’s Civic Ombudsman calls for limiting advertising in the gambling sector and establishing new restrictions with regard to this issue. Therefore, the government is actively developing new regulation in relation to the gambling advertising ban.

Gambling Advertisement Blanket Ban for Spanish Operators to Be Implemented

Francisco Fernandez Marugan’s recommendations have recently been considered by the Ministry of Finance, which obliges other departments to draw up the new gambling advertising regulation. Thus, the new federal law (if adopted) will apply to the whole territory of Spain.

The Ombudsmen’s position stated in May is that advertising of all gambling types (except ONCE – national disability/blind charity – and lotteries) must be completely banned across all media platforms. He expects the government to establish a legislative basis for online gambling advertising regulation that will separate digital advertising from the traditional one.

Despite sports betting companies criticizing this initiative, the bill on blanket advertising ban is actively being drafted. According to the information provided by the Ministry of Finance, the future system on gambling advertising regulation and the liability for its violation will be soon revealed. The main problem is that this fundamental law will not come into force without the requisite number of votes. Due to the lack of constitutional majority, the bill’s non-adoption seems quite possible.

As mentioned earlier, Sports Betting Community had announced its flagship event to take place in Barcelona next year.

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