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GambleAware Wants More Financing from Gambling Industry

13 April 2021, 16:51
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The charitable organization GambleAware asked the Department of Digital Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) to add mandatory payments to the list of requirements of the renewed Gambling Act. Login Casino follows the latest legislation news in gambling, bringing more details about the interesting case.

GambleAware Wants More Financing from Gambling Industry

Being a charitable body that acts in compliance with the Gambling Commission (GC) and Responsible Gambling Strategy Board (RGSB), GambleAware asked the DCMS to add a fixed minimum payment that operators should pay. In recent times, legal operators also have mandatory payments aimed at charity and the fight against addiction, but no lower burden is determined.

Why did this suggestion appear?

In the official submission, GambleAware states a few arguments to support their intention. The organization drew figures that came to the fund in 2020, which were close to £15.6M, while in 2019, the total donations amounted to £11M. In summer 2020, the Betting and Gambling Council promised £100M for charitable needs from the biggest operators' side. Suchlike significant differences don't allow planning stable spendings in the critical sector.

The second argument was related to the rising tendency of the gambling addiction problem in the latest months. GambleAware also appealed to the surveys that showed dangerous trends in the sector, as 70% of the GGR was brought by only 5% of punters.

As GambleAware acts in combination with other governmental bodies and focuses on research, education, and treatment, the organization asks for stable financing of this branch in order to plan its steps better. A mandatory levy should resolve the problem, according to the proposal.

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