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French Land-Based Gambling Should Wait February to Reopen

14 January 2021, 17:12
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The French Prime Minister, Jean Castex, confirmed that brick-and-mortar gambling establishments would be closed till the end of January. The latest casino news report that this is the second reopening denial in a row in the country can significantly hit the revenues of the first month in 2021.

French Land-Based Gambling Should Wait February to Reopen

According to the official statement, the French land-based gambling sector can be reopened not earlier than the next month. Jean Castex said that the entertainment industry didn't present persuasive signs for reopening to be possible in January.

While France is still facing the second wave of the COVID-19 negative outcomes and continues lockdown measures, the Prime Minister is thinking about avoiding the third wave. As the recent situation with infected people in France isn't acceptable enough at the moment, the governors once more have sacrificed the entertainment industry in order to limit the spread of the dangerous disease.

Will the government provide financial support for the gambling industry during a lockdown?

The Prime Minister also stated that the continuation of the restrictive measures would go in parallel with governmental financial support for all the affected sides. However, Jean Castex didn't specify if such a measure would be applied towards the gambling industry too.

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