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French Gambling Industry to Get Out of Quarantine in 2 Weeks

27 November 2020, 17:17
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The trade union Casinos de France facilitates the fast reopening of land-based gambling venues. Representatives want casinos to return to operation on December 15. The latest casino news is reporting about the stricter measures that will be applied.

French Gambling Industry to Get Out of Quarantine in 2 Weeks

The second lockdown in France began on October 30 and had to end on December 1, as planned earlier. However, the brick-and-mortar gambling venues will be open not earlier than on December 15, according to the plans of Casinos de France.

The state organization understands the need to protect people during the active virus spreading phase, so gambling venues prepare to tighten protective measures. Even though regular usage of sanitizers, face masks, protective screens, and limited numbers of people in every establishment has been implemented in summer, owners are ready to more severe rules.

Thus, the TousAntiCovid application is actively promoted across France, and casinos are ready to require the tool's usage by their clients. Except for the already mentioned measures, casinos are preparing to tighten temperature control and increase sanitizers' usage frequency.

What is the importance of the French gambling industry to national economics?

Even though casinos' reopening brings more positive aspects to their owners, this sector is highly important for the national economy. Except for the dozens of thousands of job places, the French gambling industry pays about €1.4 billion of annual taxes. As lockdown measures have forced the citizens to switch to illegal digital casinos, getting out of closure will return the strong source for national treasure replenishment.

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