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French Football Fans Intend to Bet during Euro

16 June 2021, 11:58
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As it has been revealed, UEFA Euro 2020 has become the impetus for French football fans to bet more. According to France’s gambling regulator, the ANJ, and recent data from betting news articles, the third of fans who are interested in Euro are going to stake on matches.

French Football Fans Intend to Bet during Euro

This only proves the fact that there is a spike in sports betting after all restrictions caused by the pandemic, and the Euro will stimulate it.

ANJ has provided poll results and requirements for ops

The ANJ has published the results of its latest survey dedicated to the UEFA European Championship, reminding operators and punters about the importance of responsible gambling. The data provided in the study state that in the first quarter of this year, there are two and a half million betting accounts, which are used actively. The average monthly sum spent by bettors who are mostly men (88 percent) is 45 euros.

UEFA Euro 2020 will contribute to the growth of the interest in wagering on sports because almost fifty percent of the French are going to watch these events, with one-third of them having the intention to place bets. Males, 25-49 years old, are the most active punters. Sixty-three percent of bets will be made by them on their handheld devices or personal computers, while fifty-six in betting shops. The study shows that eight out of ten bettors have the signs of gambling addiction. That is why the regulator emphasizes the rules of responsible gambling for punters and asks operators to deliver such messages in their commercial communications.

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