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French Council Emphasizes Consumer Rights Value in Gambling

7 April 2021, 13:27
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According to the announcement published in the ANJ’s news dedicated to legal aspects on the regulator’s official website, it should ensure operators’ compliance with consumer protection law.

French Council Emphasizes Consumer Rights Value in Gambling

It means that Conseil d'Éta – the French Council of State – emphasizes the importance of this law in the gambling industry and asks the regulatory body to pay attention to it.

ARJEL detected several breaches from operators’ side

The regulator was monitoring operators’ performance and found out that some of them didn’t behave towards customers correctly. They broke the rules dealing with inappropriate terms and unfair business practice. However, when players addressed these companies with complaints, their representatives answered that the consumer protection law wasn’t applicable to the gambling vertical.

This became the main reason for the ARJEL members to make a decision concerning the implementation of the code of consumer protection law in the industry. Although authorized operators have tried to challenge this decision at the court, the French government has ruled that this code is applied to the agreements between gambling companies and players if an operator inflicts damage on a customer by its unfair provision of services.

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