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Football Clubs Are to Educate Their Fans on Risks of Gambling

16 September 2019, 13:40
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According to a survey conducted by the UK’s Football Supporters’ Association jointly with GambleAware’s gambling campaign, UK football fans want their clubs to educate them more over the risks regarding gambling. 

Football Clubs Are to Educate Their Fans on Risks of Gambling

Football fans had to answer some questions regarding the function of gambling in sport. Only 10% of the respondents said that their clubs make enough efforts to explain the risks of gambling. 13% of the football fans support the idea of their club to be backed financially by a gambling establishment. Besides, some of them are concerned their football clubs might expose their young fans to gambling branding.

An example of such situation is Wayne Rooney’s deal with a British online casino 32Red. Thus, Rooney will wear No 32 when he joins his team next year.

According to the FSA CEO Kevin Miles, it is quite clear football fans want to be more educated about the risks of gambling, as football is an extremely important part of their lives. He added GambleAware would be pushing clubs to make more efforts.

GambleAware CEO Marc Etches hopes their cooperation with FSA will contribute to creating a safe betting environment in football. According to him, they will listen to the fans and cooperate with them to improve the situation.

GambleAware started its Bet Regret campaign in February and approximately 61% of people supported this initiative during its first stage. Last month, the second wave of this campaign commenced.

As mentioned earlier, the UK Gambling Commission will review license conditions and codes of practice for gambling operators to protect the costumers.

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