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Five Priorities to Focus on in Gambling Regulation for ANJ

2 February 2021, 17:38
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The French gambling regulator, L’Autorité nationale des jeux (ANJ), has described the items its representatives plan to focus on in the upcoming three years in the gambling regulation. Among the top priorities are players and sustainable value-adding regulation. Login Casino follows the latest legislative news in gambling and describes in more detail ANJ’s plan.

Five Priorities to Focus on in Gambling Regulation for ANJ

The upcoming changes to the French gambling legislation were initiated in the middle of summer 2020, and the group of experts was working on them for a couple of months. The strategic plan had to include all the sides' interests, and the final five-priorities plan involves changes across all the directions.

First: turning the national regulator into the value-adding body that can serve effectively in multiple directions. As the issue of creating a recreational market is one of the general strategies, ANJ has to be involved in all the stages, starting with preventive and prescriptive ones, and ending with controlling and sanctioning phases. Better control over the operators will mean better services and confidence among punters.

Second: the primary focus has to be on the players. Alongside the protection of minors, ANJ is going to take active care of the growing gambling behaviors. The issue of public health with the focus on prevention practices and adjusted rules for operators has to be linked to the recreational actions oriented on changing the attitude towards gambling as leisure.

Third: creating innovative regulatory approaches. The desire to be at the forefront of gambling regulation includes a flexible attitude towards innovative products in the sector. To be in tune with leading operators, ANJ is going to develop specific tools and operating models that will allow them to understand better firms that offer gambling products.

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Fourth: to be in touch with the European best practices. Even though the gambling regulation across Europe is quite different, there are plenty of widely accepted methods and tools that help to make the sector better. Anti-Money Laundering directives and suspicious detection systems work better if the regulators cooperate with each other. At the same time, ANJ wants to become a leading body in terms of best practices’ development and implementation.

Fifth: organizing the collaborative community. ANJ representatives understand that their work can be effective if all the sides cooperate actively and push the system in one direction. The regulator plans to organize meetings more often along with attracting new talents, both in the technical and ideological regards.

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