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First Speakers to Be Involved in Greece Gambling Conference

14 March 2020, 11:19
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On April 29, Smile-Expo will hold Greece Gambling Conference aimed at discussing the development and prospects of the Greek gambling market. The event will involve well-known experts in online casino management and promotion, lawyers, SEO specialists, etc.   

First Speakers to Be Involved in Greece Gambling Conference

First five experts 

  1. Christina Thakor-Rankin, a gambling specialist with 25 years of experience. Gaming Consultant at 1710 Gaming. Christina works with online casino operators and gambling regulators, focusing on the creation and integration of strategies, marketing, and player protection.
  2. Carlo Pagan, a specialist in casino branding and marketing strategies. Former Vice President of Marketing at the European Casino Association. Currently, he is a member of the Board of ЕСА.
  3. Nikola Minkov, an SEO expert who has completed more than 700 successful projects. Founder and CEO at Serpact agency implementing complex content marketing strategies.
  4. Levon Nikoghosyan, an affiliate program expert with long-term gambling experience. CEO at PartnerMatrix engaged in gambling software development.
  5. Ario Mansoori, a lawyer with 5 years of experience and an associate at Nordic Gambling. Expert in licensing according to different legislations as well as company compliance with advertising and responsible gambling state standards.

Key issues to be revealed at the event

The majority of presentations will be dedicated to Greek gambling reforms, industry advancement possibilities and international regulation experience. Find out more gambling news online to stay tuned for the latest industry trends.

Guests will find out about new gambling regulations in Europe as well as examine online casino promotion trends and efficient marketing strategies. Speakers will highlight the following aspects: 

  • customer retention and identification of their needs using the high-tech gaming service;
  • features of interacting with millennials in land-based and online casinos;
  • high-quality traffic generation in 2020 – solutions for Greece;
  • SEO-2020: propelling websites into the top rank;
  • gambling regulation in Greece and worldwide.

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