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First Ruling on Payment Blocking Lawsuit to Be Favorable for Norwegian Government

21 August 2019, 13:30
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A high-profile case regarding blocking transactions to offshore gambling operators received the first judgement.

First Ruling on Payment Blocking Lawsuit to Be Favorable for Norwegian Government

The first hearing on a lawsuit the European Betting and Gaming Association (EGBA) and Entercash had brought against the Norwegian Ministry of Culture ended in favor of the latter. Their joined claim was filed in June after the Ministry’s efforts to prevent money transactions from Norwegian banks to gambling operators’ accounts.

According to the Oslo District Court’s decision, the country did not violate the European legislation by blocking payments for online betting. The court considers that the Ministry complied with the EU Payment Service Directive and its requirements since Norway had the right to apply national laws and, therefore, block the payment services.

The Norwegian government is celebrating the victory and making preparations for the second hearing that will take place in the near future. The authorities expect the court to rule in their favour as well.

However, there is no guarantee of getting the desired outcome for both parties. It is the second important ruling about Norway having legal authority to take the aforementioned actions. Therefore, the plaintiffs hope that justice will be served, and the court’s decision will let Entercash and EGBA assert their rights.

As mentioned earlier, offshore gambling operators will be obliged to obtain a license in order to legally operate in New Zealand.

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