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First Footballer's Transfer for Bitcoins Done in Spain

20 January 2021, 16:32
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The Spanish lower tier division teams organized the first footballer's trade with Bitcoin. Login Casino is always at the forefront of the most interesting cryptocurrency news, now describing the details and obstacles related to the regarded transfer.

First Footballer's Transfer for Bitcoins Done in Spain

David Barral became the first footballer in history whose transfer fee was paid via cryptocurrencies only. The fosterling of Real Madrid Academy and its B-team player now joined DUX Internacional de Madrid (known as Inter Madrid) via Bitcoin transaction.

It seems to be a pure marketing trick as the 37-year-old striker is far from the status of needed game-changer. This thought is facilitated by the ownership specifics of Inter Madrid, which belongs to three media personalities - Tibo Courtois (Real Madrid goalkeeper), Borja Iglesias (Real Betis striker), and popular musician DjMaRiiO.

Why wasn't this deal approved?

However, this deal hasn't been registered yet by the local federation due to the absence of the transfer's financial approvals. As cryptocurrencies are often used for anonymous transactions, the officials cannot approve the transfer without the needed documentation.

At the same time, it could be just an additional step in the marketing strategy to increase the hype around the deal. The sides can open the transaction details and pay the required fees (which now aren't paid) to register David Barral without legislation problems.

Interestingly, cryptocurrencies have already been used as part of the transfer payment. Thus, Omer Faruk Kiroglu was transferred to the Turkish club Harunustaspor for $1152 and 0,0524 bitcoin (about $527 at the time of the transaction) in 2018. As the Turkish Football Federation accepted Bitcoins as part of the payment, a few simple steps can easily legalize the recent transfer of David Barral.

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