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Finnish Loss-Limits to Remain for a Few Additional Months

29 March 2021, 15:03
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The local Ministry of the Interior, which is responsible for setting gaming limits, continued the restrictive measures for Finnish gamblers. The latest casino news describes the conditions of the effort in more detail.

Finnish Loss-Limits to Remain for a Few Additional Months

Finnish punters received another restrictive message from the governors, who decided to continue the loss-limits practice for another three months. As the recent limiting is actual until the end of March, the renewed period begins on April 1 and will be actual till the end of June.

Finnish loss-limits practice

The country began the loss-limiting practices in spring 2020 when the pandemic cut entertaining opportunities for citizens. Governors found that Finnish gamblers became more active during the lockdown, so they decided to impose loss-limit restrictions for fast-paced gambling. First of all, the limits are set for casino games and slot machines.

During almost the year, the limits were not changed and remained stable. Thus, the maximum daily loss is set at the level of €500, while the monthly restriction is set at €2000.

According to the official statements, the loss-limit practice is implemented to decrease the coronavirus disease's negative impact. Finnish governors believe that restrictions can protect vulnerable punters from spending too much in a stressful situation. At the same time, the opposite parties think that it leads to bigger channelization of the punters and their switch to illegal platforms.

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