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Fifty-fifty: Lottery Jackpot Split between Two

8 November 2019, 11:35
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The amazing National Lottery jackpot of 12.6 million pounds received two owners, who had to split the amount into equal halves.

Fifty-fifty: Lottery Jackpot Split between Two

Five rollovers had been before November 6, “Jackpot Rolldown”, which ensures the winner(s). It means that if nobody manages to match all the six numbers, the jackpot is shared between all cash winners.

However, this case was different: not one but two gamblers were lucky enough to match all the numbers. Eventually, each of them took home over 6.3 million pounds.

Besides, 3 more punters won one million pounds each having matched 5 out of 6 numbers together with the bonus ball, while sixty-one players received 1,750 pounds having matches 5 out of 6 numbers.

It is noteworthy that a certain percentage of the price of every National Lottery ticket goes to charity.

As mentioned earlier, the lucky lottery winner from Great Britain received a record amount of £170 million.

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